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"Narcoleptic ghost hunter, Melisande Blythe, is a cross between a female John Constantine with an active love life and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with raging autoimmune disease." - Hunter Skye

from - Ruin of Souls

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​​​Hunter Skye

Ghost-hunter, Melisande Blythe believes she’s unlovable. Crippled by narcolepsy and plagued by ghosts, she’s all but given up on love. But one night in the wrong cemetery changes everything.

When Mel is abducted by a group of corporeal ghosts and served as the main course at the Deathday soiree for a sexually deviant, Victorian entity; Mel must rely on Colonel Grayford, the alluring, three-hundred-year-old shade of the town’s founder to survive the night.

In a daring rescue, Col. Grayford folds space around Mel’s living flesh and inadvertently triggers a frightening mutation in her auto-immune disorder. Before, Mel’s narcolepsy allowed her to perceive ghosts, but now she can control them.

If they can tame their dark and turbulent new psychic bond, Mel and Grayford might get ahead of a deadly ghost’s plans to open the seventh and last gate to hell in their beautiful riverside home town. But, no matter how strong their attraction or inescapable their tether, three hundred years is a mighty big age gap.

And two darks don’t make a light.

Only his burning touch can turn her gift into a weapon.