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​​​Hunter Skye

I’m a high-functioning square peg, infernally nice and vexingly happy. A proud member of the Romance Writers of America, I currently serve as Secretary for my Chapter.

Don't let the kissy stuff fool you though, my brand of dark, urban fantasy verges on romantic horror. My manuscript, RUIN OF SOULS, is also an #OWN voices story about a heroine with a disability.

A pinch of self-deprecating humor and a dash of contemplative lyricism rounds out my high concept, slightly upmarket style.

In my spare time, I like to paint, watch birds, crack jokes, wax existential and eat spaghetti. I read astrophysics books for fun yet am stumped by simple multiplication.

​If I had to pick comp characters to describe myself, I'd say I'm Joan Cusack + Queen Latifah + Neytiri (from Avatar).