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Book Three picks up the story of Seth Mills, GTI's charming electrical engineer and full-time lady magnet. Two months after the closing of the Hell Mouth and the death of Lizbeth, the corporeal ghost who trapped Seth in her poisonous thrall, Seth is unable to function without her cruel touch. His thoughts are spiraling out of control and he is afraid he might lose his grip on reality all together.

Best-friend, Gabe, refers him to Claire Godwin, a beautiful therapist who specializes in psychic trauma. Weeks of therapy do nothing to close the wound left by Lizbeth, but something new takes root inside Seth. His attraction to Claire grows to affection and before he can do anything about it, Seth Mills finds himself in love with two women at once: one living and one dead.

When the mental health of the man she loves begins to deteriorate, Claire enlists the help of dangerous entities to break the bond between Seth and the grave. But what they discover about Seth's soul in the process is truly rare and potentially biblical in its purpose. When Claire and Seth set out on a spiritual journey to understand Seth's unusual gift, they are quickly caught up in Lizbeth's covetous clutches.

In order to save Claire from Lizbeth's attempt to possess her body, Seth uses the strange angelic power growing inside him. But without proper instruction, his efforts go awry irreparably melding the consciousness of the two women together in one body. Unable to fix this horrible wrong and bound by his feelings for each woman, Seth must find a way to love them both. But one lover wants to soothe while the other must devour.

Book Four is still in the ether, but it will tell the tale of Gabe, GTI's strong man.  This gentle giant with a quiet intellect will be matched with a heroine worthy of his honorable spirit. Gabe is an onion with many layers. I can't wait to see who captures his heart.

Book Five tells the tale of Matt Grimes, Josh's brother and co-owner of Ghost Towne Investigations. In the first book, Ruin of Souls, Matt is injured by the Seventh Devil, altering his nature and setting him on a dark path. In the background of each book, we watch the evolution of evil as Matt is slowly remade into a creature of unspeakable rage and corruption.

It will take the combined efforts of all the characters in the GTI series to protect the world from what Matt becomes. It will take a very special woman to protect him from himself.

New Arc- I have already begun a second book about Melisande and Colonel Grayford creating a tandem arc I'm calling the Hypnogog series. It will progress alongside the GTI books. I can't stop it so why even try?

In Book Two, Dwell in Dust, the reticent side-hero, Josh Grimes, leader of Ghost Towne Investigations, is nursing a broken heart. But with a mysterious, new supernatural gift, he chooses to throw himself back into his work by hunting down the cause of a potential zombie outbreak in a neighboring city.

His efforts set him on a collision course with Delilah, a beautiful, defensive and deeply vulnerable psychic who reads Tarot cards for a living at Spooky Sal’s Saloon. When Delilah is chased into a yellow fever victims memorial park by a menacing humming man and is caught in a mass exhumation of animated, quarantined remains, Josh offers his assistance.

But, having grown up alone in an isolated crevice of the Appalachian Mountains, Delilah doesn’t trust anyone, particularly a gray-eyed stranger wearing a gauntlet of light.

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